Old Couple’s Wedding-Themed Photoshoot for 60th Wedding Anniversary Goes Viral

In this world where it is easy to get a divorce or couples just don’t feel like getting married anymore, it is always refreshing to see couples who stood the test of time and enjoy their decades-long wedding anniversary!

George and Vivian “Ginger” Brown of South Carolina have been married for 60 years. For their diamond wedding anniversary, one of their granddaughters decided to give them a photoshoot – and this would warm netizens’ hearts as the photos went viral.

Photo credit: Abigail Gingerale Photography / Insider

A professional photographer, the couple’s granddaughter Abigail Lydick thought that a photoshoot was the perfect gift for their 60th wedding anniversary. The idea formed after learning that the couple planned to travel to Allentown, New Jersey to visit relatives.

Based in the area, Abigail quickly planned the whole thing. She ordered a bouquet for her grandma and hired a makeup artist. She also got her grandmother a gown from Bridal Suite Boutique in Hamilton, New Jersey that was similar to what she wore for the wedding.

Photo credit: Abigail Gingerale Photography / Insider

According to Abigail, it was the first time her 77-year-old grandmother was pampered by a professional hair and makeup artist. Dolled up, Grandma Ginger looked like a dashing bride while 82-year-old Grandpa George looked quite dapper in a suit from the closet of Abigail’s husband.

Photo credit: Abigail Gingerale Photography / Insider

Though she had told them to wear ‘something nice’ as she would bring them somewhere, the couple enjoyed the surprise photoshoot. While Grandma Ginger was a bit nervous at first, Grandpa George cracked jokes and made her feel special. Soon, she was warming up and enjoying the photoshoot.

While it was Abigail’s goal to do the photoshoot as gift for her grandparents, she felt that just witnessing their love was a huge blessing and gift for her.

Photo credit: Abigail Gingerale Photography / Insider

Tips to a Successful Marriage

There is no perfect marriage, but the couple could work together to have the best one they could enjoy. For a marriage to succeed, couples should always keep communication lines open. Always try to show your love for each other – and don’t ever cheat!

Photo credit: Abigail Gingerale Photography / Insider

According to Grandpa George and Grandma Ginger, couples will always have misunderstandings but the key to a successful marriage is sorting out your differences and never going to bed angry at your spouse.

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