4 Practical Ways to Keep the Love Alive in Your Marriage

Busy schedules, career plans, social lives, different priorities—all these things keep the individuality of man and wife. It is essential that each of them has a clear vision of who he or she is so as not to lose him or herself while being married to each other. However, these same things might also become the reason why a marriage would eventually fall apart.

Here are some practical ways to keep the love alive and fire burning in a marriage.

1. Go on dates.

It is funny how a couple living inside one roof, and sharing one bed could drift apart. It is vital to connect consistently. Discover new things, have new experiences together, and create new memories to look back to.


2. Take a shared activity together.

The key is to spend time together in one activity that you are both interested in and enjoy. You will get to learn new things about your spouse, which you may have never seen before. And, when you are there, be physically, mentally, and emotionally present.


3. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time.

Enjoy having pillow talk with each other and fulfill the essentials of a relationship—closeness, clarity, and communication. Physical proximity also increases the level of oxytocin, the hormone that reduces stress and promotes bonding.


4. Do a little thing that will make your spouse feel spoilt and loved.

Woke up a little too early? How about a surprise breakfast in bed for your spouse? How about picking her up from the grocery so she won’t have to take the bus? For the wives, have you ever watched one of your husband’s game, or have you tried watching him as he plays his favorite mobile games? These things might seem to be shallow, but they do wonders, trust us.