Couple in Their 90s Finally Gets a Photoshoot after 66 Years of Marriage

They might already be in their 90s but a couple in Malaysia remains so much in love with each other that a wedding photographer who spotted them at a restaurant offered to give them a photoshoot for free – and the photos are absolutely adorable!

It was one fine day when a wedding photographer spotted 92-year-old Chen and 90-year-old Shen dining at a restaurant, talking to each and still so very much in love. The wedding photographer could almost feel the love between the two – and immediately offered them a free photoshoot.

Photo credit: Joco Lico Bridal & Studio / Facebook

At first, the couple refused as they thought it was a scam. But they would soon learn that the offer was genuine. Joco Lico Bridal & Studio was really impressed by the couple and offered the photoshoot for real.

Photo credit: Joco Lico Bridal & Studio / Facebook

So, after 66 years of marriage, the two finally got their wedding photoshoot. It didn’t happen back when they were younger; thus, they were grateful to the studio for offering them this chance to make up for lost time.

Photo credit: Joco Lico Bridal & Studio / Facebook

According to World of Buzz, the couple met back in 1946 when 19-year-old Chen arrived in Sarawak, Malaysia to find a job. He had just finished his studies and found a job at the restaurant owned by Shen’s uncle.

Photo credit: Joco Lico Bridal & Studio / Facebook

Very poor and earning only RM15 ($3.60) per month at the time, Chen knew he could never support a family. At first, he tried to stay away from Shen even if he was falling in love with her deeper with each passing day. But one day, he plucked out the courage to ask her out.

I am very poor, I only earn RM15 a month. Are you willing to be together with me?” Chen asked Shen.

Amazingly, though he was really so poor, Shen agreed to be his girlfriend because she had also fallen in love with him as well. They would soon start a small business together and get married.

Photo credit: Joco Lico Bridal & Studio / Facebook

Still too poor at the time, the couple only had money to take one engagement photo at the Sibu Art Museum. Then, they could only afford to treat their wedding guests to coffee and cake after the ceremony, but the very wedding belied the wealth of their love which remained strong through the years.

Photo credit: Joco Lico Bridal & Studio / Facebook

Now in their 90s, the couple have two sons and five daughters – and still spend a lot of time with each other. Because Chen already has weak eyesight, it was Shen who would read to him. In turn, Chen pushes Shen’s wheelchair because his wife now has difficulty walking.

Photo credit: Joco Lico Bridal & Studio / Facebook

It’s amazing that the two were able to keep their love alive through 66 years of marriage! That’s true relationship goals!

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