Couple Having Wedding Photoshoot at Park Save Girl from Pond

They were just having a photoshoot for their wedding at a park, but a pair of newlyweds would earn praise from social media after saving a girl’s life.

According to a report on the Shanghaiist, the newlyweds were having a photoshoot at a park in the city of Huai’an, Jiangsu province in China. They were posing for the photos when they heard the cries of a mother and some onlookers that a child had fallen into the pond; she doesn’t know how to swim.

Despite wearing a formal outfit and knowing this would ruin the rest of the wedding photoshoot, the groom did not hesitate to help. Instead of worrying about the photoshoot, he quickly jumped into the pond to save the 5-year-old girl’s life.

His bride rushed to help him, jumping unto a rock at the pond to assist the groom in saving the baby.

A photo of the groom with his body still half submerged in water, handing the kid to his wife who was clad in her wedding gown has touched so many people. Many said that though the rest of the photoshoot was ruined for sure, this photo was one of the best moments and highlights of the wedding event.

Photo credit: Shanghaiist

After all, isn’t it an amazing blessing that the couple managed to save a life on their wedding day?

While the couple refused to give their names to the media, saying they were only doing what they knew was right, the photo would still go viral. They were praised for their actions and hailed a hero.

“Best wedding photo of all,” many netizens commented and agreed.

Best Places for Wedding Photoshoot

Parks, gardens, and other outdoor settings with lots of plants and some water features are the top picks for a wedding photoshoot. Many couples also pick out ancestral homes and unique landmarks in their locality.

Popular tourist spots are also great options for photoshoots; though you have to be prepared for a lot of photobombers and onlookers if you pick these destinations for your wedding photos.