8 Practical Signs that He is Serious About Your Relationship

Being in a relationship with someone you love is, probably, one of the best things in this world. Knowing that there is one person whom you can depend on all the time is reassuring. You wake up with a smile on your face. You go on your day as he checks up on you from time to time. You look forward to seeing him before the day ends. He kisses you good night. All these things make you happy and feel loved. And, yes, you love him back.

But, you wonder if your relationship is for real and if he is in it for a long time. Here are eight signs that he is serious about you and your relationship.

signs that he is serious in your relationship

He talks about the future all the time.

Whether he is talking about a vacation overseas or daydreaming about buying a house or naming your kids, it is a tell-tale sign that he is seeing the future with you by his side. While most men avoid talking about where your relationship is heading, your man eagerly expresses his desire to plan your future together.

signs that he is serious in your relationship

He introduces you to his parents.

If he brings you home to introduce you to his parents, or he wants you to attend the wedding of his cousin so you will meet the rest of his relatives, then he wants you to be a part of his family. By doing this, he is not only taking you inside his domestic life, but he also wants his loved ones to know that you are the one.

signs that he is serious in your relationship

His digital life is open to you.

If it is not a big deal for him if you browse his mobile phone, or he lets you use his laptop, then it is a subtle implication that he trusts you and he wants the two of you connected in all ways possible. But, if he is not ready or comfortable to give you access to his social media accounts, you should respect his privacy. However, it is not a sign that he does not trust you or the two of you does not have a connection. Simple things such as posting pictures of you together in Instagram or announcing your status as a couple in his Facebook account are huge indicators that he wants you in his life.

signs that he is serious in your relationship

He gives you a spare key to his place.

If you have a key to his place, chances are, he is extremely comfortable sharing his most intimate space with you. Not only that he trusts you, but it also means that he sees you to be a part of his life for a long time.

signs that he is serious in your relationship

He wants to spend all his time with you.

If he wants to tag along wherever you go, or he simply and patiently waits for you at your office lounge, he is showing that he wants to be near you, whenever possible. On the other hand, he might also want you to join him during basketball practice or he wants you to accompany him to buy socks. If he does that, he is not only learning about you but he also wants you involved in his life.

signs that he is serious in your relationship

He wants to be friends with your friends and you to be friends with his.

He is bringing you inside his inner circle of friends and he also wants to be in good terms with your girls. Well, he is in to win it. Needless to say, it is a sign that he wants to see how well the two of you fit together, taking into consideration other people who matter to him, as well.

signs that he is serious in your relationship

He has personal things in your house.

If he buys himself another toothbrush or another charger and leaves it in your house that is a sign that he wants to integrate himself in your life. As his clothes pile up at your place, he is subtly showing you that he wants to take your commitment to each into another level.

signs that he is serious in your relationship

He makes you feel that he loves you

Most men are not vocal about their feelings but when they do, you have to listen to this expression from a bigger perspective. You have to take note of how he expresses his love for you. Whether it is verbally, through gifts, through actions—there are lots of ways how a man will let a woman feel his love for her. Only you will know if he really loves you and he makes sure that you feel that.

These are just some of the practical signs that he is serious about your relationship and might take it into another level in the near future. However, do not worry if your man is not doing or does not do any of these. Men may be hard to figure out but just like what we previously said, if he loves you, he will make sure that you feel that.