Groom, Bride Saved By Lifeguards After Getting Swept Into Pacific Ocean During Photoshoot

Wearing their wedding attire, a groom and his bride were swept into the Pacific Ocean while having a photoshoot in Southern California. Luckily, lifeguards came to the rescue.

In the video uploaded by ABC News on Twitter, the groom and bride can be seen relishing their wedding photoshoot when they were engulfed by a huge wave, dragging them into the ocean. Twitter users advised people not to underestimate bodies of water as something even worse than what just happened to the couple can actually befall.

“They just stood there. No worry at all,” @Philthy_Clean tweeted. “It’s the ocean! The strongest force in our existence. Don’t play with it!”

“Here on the coast of Maine with a famous lighthouse, we’ve seen people do the same to get a photo. We’ve also had people die just standing on the rocks. I hope this video teaches others a lifesaving lesson. The ocean is powerful and unpredictable, plus rocks are very slippery when wet,” @ritehsemom said.

While @janetchart advised, “Two rules: 1) Never turn your back on the ocean, and 2) If it’s wet where you are standing, the ocean waves have been/or could be that high.”


Quoting Marine Safety Capt. Kai Bond, Daily Pilot reported that the couple was fully-dressed at the time of the accident, making it hard for the rescuers to save them.

“In this case, the male was wearing a suit with shoes and the female was wearing a full wedding dress. That makes that rescue much more difficult to perform with that added weight, especially since lifeguard Camron Hauer had to rescue the second victim without a rescue tube,” Bond said.

The couple was eventually transported to Mission Hospital in Laguna Beach, but were later released, Bond said.

“It can be dangerous in that area,” Bond stressed. “The issue was that they were in a location and they weren’t paying attention to the surf and because they weren’t paying attention in this location, a set of waves came and swept them off the rock.”