Newlyweds Shave Heads on Wedding Day for Bride’s Cancer-Stricken Mom

As newlyweds shave heads on wedding day for the bride’s cancer-stricken mom, their powerful statement touched netizens – who donated for their cause. Wow. Would you also do the same thing?

Newlyweds Shave Heads for Cancer-Stricken Mom

Cancer is such a difficult condition that continues to affect millions of people worldwide. It can affect people of all ages, from all walks of life, male and female alike.

newlyweds shave heads

Photo credit: Jony Lee

What’s sad is that this condition can also make people lose their hair due to chemotherapy. Some family members and friends show their solidarity with cancer-stricken members by shaving their heads, too.

Bride Jony Lee shared a video of how she and groom, Alistair, shocked their guests when they shaved their heads on their wedding day.

Photo credit: Jony Lee

When the two were planning the wedding, Jony and her soon-to-be husband wanted to shave their heads. They wanted to show solidarity to her mom, Luna Macapagal, who was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in 2018.

But they realized that they would make a bigger impact by doing it on their wedding day. After all, what bride would want to be bride on her wedding, huh? But that’s exactly what she did, much to everyone’s surprise.

Photo credit: Jony Lee

Instead of doing the traditional money dance, the couple did the shaving moment instead.

If you do have any bit of cash on you, we are going to be shaving our heads for cancer,” Jony announced, her voice quivering with emotion. “Whatever money you lay in front of us, we will be donating it tonight.

Not surprisingly, the guests were touched by the gesture – and Jony’s mom, too!

Photo credit: Jony Lee

Sadly, they lost Jony’s mom two months later. But she certainly knew how much her daughter and new son-in-law loved her so much.

Thanks to the newlywed’s sweet deed, the couple was able to raise $3,000 which they donated to the Cancer Society.


for my warrior mum. in solidarity with those going through it. #inlove #wedding #fuckcancer #fyp

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What’s a Money Dance?

A money dance is part of the wedding tradition in the Philippines. It’s done during the reception, with the couple dancing while guests pin money on their clothes to wish them good luck.