Bride Gifts Groom with Soy Sauce, Php1-Million Check He Can Cash Out on 50th Anniversary

One bride who gifted her groom with the most unique, hilarious gifts drew laughs on social media. Who would have thought that she’d think of giving him a bottle of soy sauce and a Php1-million check he can cash out on their 50th anniversary? What a brilliant idea!

Bride Gives Funny Gifts to Groom

During weddings, most of the guests bring gifts that the couple can use at home, such as various kitchen appliances and other products they use as they start their new life together.

The bride and groom rarely give each other gifts because the two of them are the stars of the show and expect to receive gifts from their guests, anyway. But many couples still choose to give each other special gifts for the occasion.

Bride Eufra Baldemor Ednalino thought it wouldn’t be nice to arrive empty-handed. So, she picked the perfect gift for her groom which got everyone laughing at the reception, shared photographer Kevin Marquez.

Sabi ko sa sarili ko parang ang panget naman kung wala akong gift and so ayun I surprised him,” she explained.

Naisip ko toyo kasi parang every woman naman parang normal na sa’tin’ yun. At gusto ko sa umpisa palang matanggap na niya ’yung toyo [ko.] Then naglagay ako ng P1 million cheque dated on our 50th wedding anniversary kasi gusto ko iparating sa kanya na ngayon pa lang, I’m looking forward to reaching that date regardless sa P1M.

The groom’s reaction was simply priceless! This clever bride definitely picked the best gift.

Hindi ko inexpect na sobrang matutuwa ’yung asawa ko dun and I think that would be more than a million peso or any expensive gifts na binibigay ng mga bride sa groom nila. Kasi sobrang priceless ng happiness niya nung time na ’yun,” she happily said.

Unique Wedding Gifts

Kitchenware and home products are the easiest picks for wedding gifts, but if you want to be unique, you can pick uncommon items:

  • Novelty items, such as a globe decanter set
  • Personalized push-pin or scratch-off map for their travels
  • Unusual decoration piece (make sure it’s not too big so it won’t clutter their home)