Grandma Caught Peeking at Granddaughter’s Wedding Photoshoot Goes Viral

It is hard for many parents to let go of their children who are already planning to get married; yet they also feel excited about this new milestone in their children’s lives. But grandparents also feel this way, particularly those who had raised their grandchildren but now have to let them go…

Photo credit: SinChew

Recently, an old woman has gone viral after she was caught happily peeking at her granddaughter’s wedding photoshoot. Thinking that old woman might get tired, the granddaughter named Wang did not invite her grandmother inside the room as she was getting her makeup done for the photoshoot.

Photo credit: SinChew

But the old lady was actually excited over the prospect of her granddaughter getting married, yet she also did not want to disturb the proceedings. So, she simply took a peek from the doorway, opening the door just a little bit to peek inside without disturbing the younger ones.

Someone from the team saw the old lady and let her in – and the next moments were simply priceless!

Photo credit: SinChew

Grandma said she was afraid of disturbing us, young people. And we were afraid that she’s getting old, so she closed the door,” Wang shared.

It turned out that Wang’s grandmother raised her after her parents divorced, leading to her being close to the old lady. When the old woman was invited in, she happily hugged her granddaughter. She feels proud of what her granddaughter has become and also excited for her wedding!

Photo credit: SinChew

The sweet moments captured by the photographer warmed many netizens’ hearts, with many saying that this is one of the rare moments that the two are sure to treasure. It is nice that this grandmother was able to witness her granddaughter’s wedding and that she was welcomed to the photoshoot.

Photo credit: SinChew

Wang also urged netizens to seize the moments with loved ones, to grasp the moment as it comes, and cherish the people in front of them…

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