Bride Makes Guests Choose from Different Menus, Depending on Their Cash Gifts

Can you imagine attending a wedding – and getting to eat food according to how much gift you gave to the couple?

Everyone knows that wedding guests don’t really give the same gifts because they have different financial capacities. But one bride is making guests choose from different menus – depending on the amount of their cash gift!

Bride Imposes Different Menu Levels

Weddings can be so expensive, even for wedding guests!

After all, they have to pay for their own transport to the wedding, perhaps even pay for plane fares to reach the venue, and also go shopping to buy clothes that fit the couple’s dress code.

Also, guests are expected to bring a gift to the wedding – and many might feel embarrassed if they only have a small or inexpensive gift to bring.

Of course, most couples don’t mind whatever gifts their guests bring, as long as they go to the wedding. In fact, the guests’ presence at the wedding is already a gift for the couple.

But one bride doesn’t think so. In a post that has gone viral on Reddit, one bride has apparently made guests choose from different menus, depending on the amount of their cash gift.

Photo credit: Reddit / Tyla

So, a person who can only send a ‘loving gift’ that’s worth up to $250 gets to choose roast chicken or swordfish while a person who gives anywhere from $251 to $500 gets to choose sliced steak, poached salmon, or the items from the cheaper range.

Those with a ‘golden gift’ worth $501 to $1,000 can choose filet mignon and lobster tails while those who give a ‘platinum gift’ worth $1,001 to $2,500 or more can choose from any of the other menus or 2lbs worth of lobster.

The platinum gift-givers are the only ones entitled to the souvenir champagne goblet.

If you were to attend this wedding, which menu option will you choose?

Asking for Cash Gifts in Wedding

There’s a rule of thumb about asking for cash gifts at a wedding: don’t ever specifically just ask for cash as a gift in your invitation. Here are ways to politely ask:

  • Setting up a money tree
  • Using a cash registry website
  • Send out stylish money envelopes with the invitation
  • Put some box cards at the reception
  • Politely indicating what you’ll do with the money