7 Important Money Matters that Couples Need to Talk About Before Tying the Knot

Getting married is one of the most exciting moment in a couple’s life! But this is also a very crucial moment in any adult’s life because it is the point of no turning back. Once you get married, you are married for life – especially in the Philippines where divorce is not allowed!

While there is no guarantee that all marriages will work, being at ease with each other when it comes to financial matters is one of the most important things that couples need to have for the marriage to work.

Earnings and Benefits

For many couples, salary is a taboo topic. But for your marriage to really work out, throw your secrets out the window and be honest with your spouse, especially when it comes to money matters.

You both should know how much the other earns, benefits and perks he/she gets from the job such as car plan and health insurance, and how much you both need to shell out to do the job each month, including transportation, communication, and food budget.

Savings and Joint Account

Now that you both know your respective salaries, you can plan on putting up a joint account for the family budget, emergency funds, and big-ticket purchases like buying a home for the family. You can still opt to have separate savings accounts aside from the joint account.

It would be a good idea if you set a certain amount to put in the joint account per month.

Quirks and Money Habits

Are you an impulse buyer? That’s something that your partner should know as this often becomes the root of many arguments. Learn to compromise. For instance, if your or your spouse is an impulse buyer, the impulse purchase should come from his/her own savings account, not from the joint account.

Expensive Hobbies

Do any of you have expensive hobbies that could put a dent on the family budget? That’s really something that you should disclose to your spouse instead of hiding it as secret.


Do you have investments or plans to get some? Now that you are married, financial matters like this should be known by your spouse even if you got when you were single. After all, you need to update a lot of things to include your spouse as beneficiary should something happen to you.


Never hide a debt from your spouse. Be honest with your spouse about how much debts and liabilities you have, even those incurred while single.

Financial Plans

Now that you know everything about your finances, it is time to discuss your financial plans. Make sure that you put ‘debt payment’ at the top of your list so you can quickly get rid of financial liabilities; however, it is also important to build your emergency funds.

From now on, you have to decide on all matters as a couple – that includes all decisions relating to financial matters!

Make sure to have this money discussion with your partner before tying the knot… plus, this will help you plan your wedding with ease, knowing exactly where you both stand financially.