Why is Wedding Planning So Stressful?

This article is not meant to induce fear and to discourage anyone who is about to plan their wedding. We have heard a lot of wedding planning horror stories; some couples even break off their engagement and call off their wedding just because they could not bear the pressure. So, let us dig on to the deeper issues of why wedding planning is such a stressful task.

Let’s start with the obvious. When one is planning a wedding, he or she is not only trying to get what everybody wants while working on a budget, he or she is also racing with time to accomplish everything. On top of that, the person who is doing the planning also has to deal with people having different personalities and expectations. Doesn’t it sound like trauma to you?

stressful wedding planning

Wedding planners have lives, too

Imagine going doing everything we just mentioned while taking care of your regular responsibilities such as going to work, taking care of your family, and others. It is almost like taking another job without the pay.

Expecting perfection

We can all agree that we wanted the best for our wedding and that’s exactly what every couple’s leading cause of stress—perfection. It is not wrong to aim for such, but couple should always keep in mind that the standard they should aim for is that wedding push through and that they married the person they loved. After all, they are not getting married just because they want this or that for their wedding.

stressful wedding planning

Wedding planning might hit off some nerves

Wedding planning becomes so emotional when specific issues surface such as money, commitments, expectations, family dynamics, aside from many other things. Couples may bring up past relationship issues as they deal with wedding planning. It also tests out how well they can tolerate each other and measures up to what level they can agree on. Some may say that the pressure and stress of wedding planning may break up a couple, but if you try to look a bit deeper, it is those past, unsolved relationship issues which caused the break-up.

stressful wedding planning

At some point, one may treat wedding planning as a trial or preview of how marriage will work between a couple. Money issues, commitment, expectations—these are not just wedding planning concerns, but these are also the same matters the couple will have to deal with as they start living together as a married couple and start a family. Sure, wedding planning is stressful, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?