Bride-to-be’s Engagement Ring Goes Viral as Netizens Start Calling it ‘Shiny Lego’

A photo of bride-to-be’s engagement ring has been making rounds online after social media noticed that it looks like a shiny piece of Lego.

In the private group That’s it, I’m ring shaming., one of the members uploaded a picture of her engagement ring, asking it looks like a traffic light or a box speaker.

“Does this look more like a traffic signal or a box speaker to you?” the soon-to-be-married wrote in the caption of the photos she uploaded.

But instead of answering her question with the options she gave, the majority of members who commented on the picture noticed something different; saying that her engagement ring is more similar to a Lego block.

“Why is she wearing a shiny Lego?” a Facebook user commented.

“I didn’t know Lego had a jewelry line,” another member wrote.

While somebody said, “Diamond chipped Legos.”

At the end of the day, however, it is not the appearance of the ring that matters, but the deep emotion it symbolizes: love.

Wedding Rings: In the Beginning

According to Purely Diamonds, the tradition of proposing marriage with an engagement ring can be traced back to ancient Egyptian times.

“The tradition of proposing marriage with an engagement ring dates back to ancient Egyptian times but wasn’t widely popularized until the custom reached ancient Rome. Back in the olden days, the ring not only symbolized a partner’s commitment to the eternity of the relationship, but also served as a statement to charming bachelors looking to whisk soon-to-be-wives away for a frolic in the hay: any woman with a ring on the ring finger of her left hand is no longer available to be courted,” it was disclosed.

Moreover, during those times–and even in a number of countries, at present–people believe an engagement ring should reflect, as well, a woman’s worth.

How about you? What does this ring mean to you?