Viral: Photo of Bride ‘Cleaning’ Husband’s Car Tyre With Her Wedding Dress Gets Different Reactions

Wedding dresses are always as precious as diamonds for brides. So when a photo of a bride while “cleaning” her husband’s car tyre using her wedding dress was uploaded online, it immediately went viral; getting different reactions from thousands of social media users.

Hmmmm from weddingshaming

On Reddit, user wedding shaming uploaded the picture of the couple, where a lot of netizens reacted; leaving their thoughts on the comments section of the post.

“Does this woman have no self respect? Imagine happily posing for a photo that implies your husband loves and respects his car more than you. Quite sad really. One day she might have a daughter who will see this photo,” RicoDredd said.

“Show very materialistic nature of the groom, no?” tanzoo88 thought.

“Car girl here. I have a photo of me doing this in my uni graduation robe and I’ll do the same at the wedding. If they’re both car people then there is no harm in this pic, it is just a bit of fun for photos,” Mia_muggins said.

“Be careful, they’re all going to tell you that you’re in a toxic and abusive relationship because of one photo. You can’t stray away from traditional aesthetic wedding shoots,” twinklephalanges thought.

“Lots of judgemental people here. For all you know she might love that car just as much as him!” commented FIREBIRDC9.

The viral picture even made it on the news website Unique News Online through the article Bride Cleans New Husband’s Car Tyres With Her Wedding Dress, Unimpressed Netizens Slam the Couple Online.

“What if it the prepare of the lovely white costume get muddy, whereas on the stroll to the venue? Although it may be unlikely, brides at all times strive to concentrate on some calamities that might befall their beautiful wedding ceremony costume. Nonetheless, it was not the similar for this bride, who was snapped cleansing her new husband’s automotive tyres together with her bridal robe of their wedding ceremony images,” read the article.

As of writing, the couple has yet to release a statement about their viral picture.

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