Evening or Daytime – What is the Best Time for a Wedding?

Planning a wedding entails much decision-making. As there are many options for everything, a couple has to decide which one will work for them and their guests. There is no small decision to make, as each one is essential in making their dream wedding a reality.

One of the initial matters that the couple needs to decide on is the time of their wedding—should it be on the daytime or in the evening. A daytime wedding has a laid-back vibe while an evening wedding is more formal. So, which one should a couple choose?

Factors to Consider

In this article, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a wedding held in the daytime or in the evening. However, there are three things that the couple needs to consider in deciding on when their wedding should take place. They need to look into their budget, the aesthetics that they want, and the weather on their locality. It is also important to match the season and the time of the wedding, as an evening wedding on a winter season may get too cold and too dark.

newly-wed couple

Daytime Wedding

If the soon-to-wed couple is working on a tight budget, a daytime wedding will fit into that. Some vendors charge less for a morning event or which will end before the night starts. The menu may be a little lighter and simpler and the liquor tab will be considerably smaller. With the abundance of natural light, the couple will not need to spend much on lighting.

couple at the woods

The couple will also have a longer time for their wedding reception. If the ceremonies will take place in the morning, they will have the entire afternoon for the reception, chatting, and mingling with friends. They can even go to an after-party in the evening or have a simple dinner with close family members.

They will also have more time and more light for their photos.

newly-wed couple

On the other hand, there is some disadvantage to a daytime wedding. The day will start a little early for everyone—for the couple and even for the guests. The bride will have a shorter beauty sleep and will have to get up before the crack of dawn to get ready for hair and makeup. The same is true for the family members and the wedding entourage.

Also, it may take some time to get everybody into a party mode. Even with flowing alcoholic beverages, the guests may not feel like dancing the day away.

Evening Wedding

If the couple is looking forward to romantic, more dramatic first dance, then an evening wedding is their best choice. Candles and stars will make everything more sparkling, not to mention the effect the golden sunset glow will bring into their photos. It isn’t called ‘the golden hour’ for nothing.

newly-wed couple at a sunflower farm during sunset

More importantly, the bride, as well as everybody else, will be more well-rested. Everyone will have the whole day to prepare.

As the night gets deeper, the guests will let loose and will turn into the party animal that they are. The couple and their guest can spend the entire night dancing and burning up the dance floor.

newly-wed couple during sunset

Evening weddings are also more formal. How guests dress up for a wedding depends on the time the wedding shall take place.  It is a perfect time for guests to show up wearing long gowns, tuxedos, and their best pieces of jewelry and not look overdressed.

However, it is important for an evening wedding to start at the right time so it will also end on time. Reception is also shorter and guests from far places may have to leave the party earlier.

Also, since evening events are popular, they can also get more expensive.

newly-wed couple during sunset

There are pros and cons no matter what time of the day the wedding will take place. Actually, it is one of the more important decisions a couple has to make before they start making arrangements for the reception venue, the photographer, the caterers, and others. There are things to consider in planning. And if done right, they will definitely have the wedding they have been dreaming of.