LOOK: Gorgeous Bouquet Ideas for Your Wedding

With all eyes on the bride on the wedding day, it is always important for her to look and feel beautiful. That often means wearing the best gown to complement her figure, a design that looks great, and a gorgeous bouquet that would truly look beautiful.

Check out some of these gorgeous bouquet ideas for your wedding.

Bright and Colorful

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No matter what motif or theme you have for the wedding, you can never go wrong with a bright and colorful bouquet. It will always match any kind of theme, even if you’re wearing a colored wedding dress!

Lots of Greens

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But who said you need to have colors in a wedding? You can actually pick more greens than colors but still have a nice bouquet.


These days, brides have a lot of options for a bouquet. Aside from flowers, you can also pick succulents! They make such luscious bouquets that would actually last for many days. In fact, you could later transfer the succulents in pots to create a perpetual bouquet that would last a lifetime. Now, isn’t that awesome?

Oversized Bouquet

While many brides these days prefer smaller bouquets that are easy to hold with one hand, you can go all out on yours with an oversized bouquet made with lots of long-stemmed flowers. This is great, especially if you can get your hands on huge flowers and gorgeous stems.


There’s just something about a cascade of flowers that make a bridal bouquet looks so beautiful. This perfectly matches your long train and can be created with various flowers.

Single Color

You can mix and match colors or opt to just have a single color that suits your wedding theme.

Just Have Fun

And if you’re a bride who simply loves to have a whimsical, quirky bouquet, you go for it! Just have fun and enjoy your wedding. It’s your big day.