LOOK: Photos of Traditional Wedding Outfits from All Over the World

When you think about weddings, many of us have this vision of a groom in a tuxedo and the bride dressed in a voluminous white gown with a veil over her face and long train trailing behind her back. But though such outfits are more commonly used in many places, not every place in the world follow that tradition.

Check out these interesting photos of traditional outfits from all over the world.


Photo credit: Instagram / @Ianphantastic

Did you know that Japanese brides actually wear two types of dresses to their wedding? One is white and the other is red.


Photo credit: Instagram / @akitiboatimpressions

The couple often wear matching clothes made from same colorfully woven fabric. The pattern draws from each family’s own traditional pattern.


Photo credit: Instagram / @weddinginspiration.eu

The couple also wear matching outfits, with lots of flowers for the bride. Often, she wears a crown of flowers.

Sami Tribe, Lapland in Northern Europe

Photo credit: Instagram / @makiladesign

Brides wear white gowns but their grooms wear the traditional outfit. The groom also changes his belt from one that has round buttons (used by singles) to one with square buttons (used by married people).

Sri Lanka

Photo credit: Instagram / @aki_amz

The groom actually wears a more colorful outfit than the bride; sometimes it is more elaborate, too.


Photo credit: Instagram / @rani_in_silk

Both men and women wear voluminous traditional outfits, often in red. The bride gets a red dot at the center of her forever, a mark traditionally worn by married women.


Photo credit: Instagram / im_jessica_oh

The bride wears a white gown while the groom wears a kilt in his clan’s colors, with a matching shawl that he drapes over the bride’s shoulders to signify she has become part of the family.


Photo credit: Instagram / @pakistaniweddings

Many would think this is similar to the wedding of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. Brides wear red and have henna tattoo swirls on her hand.


Photo credit: Instagram / @herbigdayllc

The couple wear the traditional white gown and tuxedo like in most places, but both have elegant capes placed over their shoulders.


Photo credit: Instagram / @monkey_millennial

While wedding traditions and clothes vary across the ethnic groups, the bride and groom wear matching traditional outfits with elaborate headdresses, often in red and gold.

Bali, Indonesia

Photo credit: Instagram / @naturalklasikbali

Weddings are rich and elaborate, with plenty of intricate designs and jewelry in the bride and groom’s outfits.


Photo credit: Instagram / @myweddingofficial

The traditional costume includes a sword for the groom.


Photo credit: Instagram / @aqb214

The couple wear clothes with red and gold or yellow motif.


Photo credit: Instagram / @champagneandcake

The couple wear all white, with lots of flowers for the bride.


Photo credit: Instagram / @photoplays

The couple wed in Muslim tradition, with brides often choosing a wedding dress in cream, violet, or purple.

South Korea

Photo credit: Instagram / @hellosonia

The bride and groom wear the traditional hanbok, with elaborate headdresses.


Photo credit: Instagram / @saimlunde

While grooms often wear tuxedos or similar outfits, the brides wear the traditional bunad.


Photo credit: Instagram / @blacknwed

The couple wears traditional outfits, with lots of colorful, chunky jewelry. Brides pull their hair up in a Nigerian hair tie called a ‘Gele’.

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