Millennial Couple Goes Viral for Modern Twist to Prosperity Dance

The prosperity dance, also known as the money dance, is a wedding tradition wherein the newlyweds dance for the first time as a married couple. This is usually done during the reception. Guests are expected to pin money on the couple’s clothes as a wish for prosperity and wealth for the couple.

And while there are so many who have gone viral for their amazingly prosperous prosperity dance, there is also this couple who made waves online for the modern twist they made for the money dance.

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Money Transfer for the Money Dance

Got no cash to pin on the bride and groom? Don’t worry! These days you can simply give the newlyweds a gift through money transfer! That’s what this pair of millennials did for their wedding. And we actually love the concept.

With so many millennials and people these days who transact everything online, this couple thought it would be a good idea to give their guests more options to gift them money for the prosperity dance. Their GCASH account and BPI QR code are flashed on the screen while they danced.

Millenials prosperity Dance #Gcash #QRcode #walangtakas #galawangWais,” wrote photographer Al Martinez as he shared a photo of the couple whose wedding his team from Shutterworks covered at the Diamond Hotel Philippines.

Clever Idea Goes Viral

Martinez did not mention the name of the couple, but netizens were quite delighted with their genius idea!

While some might think that this is inappropriate because it seems like they are asking for money, these people missed the whole point of the prosperity dance – you’re supposed to give the couple money to wish them prosperity in life! What difference would it make, really, if you pin the money on their clothes or directly send it to their bank account?

What’s GCASH?

GCASH is the virtual wallet app and mobile money service powered by Globe Telecom Inc. Users can send and receive money, pay bills, pay for services, buy load, and so much more! Users are also able to get a physical card that they can use as prepaid debit card for worry-free transactions.