No Money, No Problem—Creative Pinay Wears Wedding Gown Made from Paper

Lack of budget is the reason why some couple could not get married yet. They may be emotionally prepared for the marriage, but not financially. Though this it is a valid concern, one can get his way around it, if he or she wants to.

All it takes is a little creativity, determination, and a little help from some friends.

Maricel Capinig Abaño did not need a considerable amount of money to buy herself a beautiful gown for her wedding. Her husband works as a landscaper, and they are only renting a small room together with their three children.

She and partner Ronald Lucena Mata took the opportunity to have their union sealed in marriage through a mass wedding.

bride wears wedding gown made from paper

Photo credit: Facebook/Maricel Abaño Mata

Despite their difficulties in life, they wanted to push through with their wedding.

Even without any money to buy or rent a gown, there is no stopping Maricel. She used her love of the arts to make herself something to wear on that particular day. She enlisted the help of her friends Vevencia and Ereca and, together, they created a wedding gown made from bond papers.

Necessity leads to innovation

They folded the bond papers in the style of a fan. Then, they used these paper fans to create a mullet-pleated gown that is fashionably short in front and long at the back.

She also wore a paper fan as her headdress. Also, she held paper roses of different colors for her bouquet.

bride wears wedding gown made from paper

Photo credit: Facebook/Maricel Abaño Mata

Her husband wore a traditional barong for the wedding.

Maricel shared photos of her on Facebook. Friends who saw her gown could not help but praise her creativity and ingenuity. Even her dress received compliments for its beauty and uniqueness.

Maricel and Ronald just proved that lack of money is not a hindrance to getting married. After all, what matters most is that you love each other and promise to stick together through thick and thin.