Top Tips to Fix Some Unexpected Yet Actually Common Wedding Day Problems

Everyone dreams of the perfect wedding where everything happens as planned, with everyone attending and having a good, with the weather staying great, with the food turning out to be as delicious as promised, with the venue and decorations looking like the ones in the concept, and everything else simply running as smoothly and perfectly as possible.

But weddings rarely go 100% as planned. There are times when unexpected things happen! But before you stress yourself out, rest assured that these ‘unexpected’ things are actually quite common and has happened in many weddings!

These top tips will help you go through those expected yet actually common wedding day problems…

The Clothes Won’t Fit

There are people who simply refuse to try out their outfits for the wedding due to some superstitious belief; more often than not, however, this leads to some serious wardrobe issue on the wedding day. To prevent this from happening, send everyone a friendly reminder to try out their clothes some days before the wedding to make sure these fit and that necessary corrections can be done.

But just in case they miss that memo, keep a sewing kit handy – and give that to someone you can trust to help fix those clothes just before the wedding starts! Tough job.

The Kids Won’t Participate

Kids often take part in the wedding entourage as flower girls and bearers for the rings, coin, and Bible. Everyone knows, however, that kids aren’t adorable 100% of the time. There are times when they would throw tantrums or simply don’t want to participate and walk down the aisle.

Don’t freak out. Instruct the kids’ parents to carry the kids and walk down the aisle if the kids refuse to do it on their own. But if the kids go on a full-blown tantrum, just escort them out of the way; don’t force them to walk as they would just disrupt the wedding.

Weather Problems

Everyone could only pray hard that the weather would cooperate on their wedding day. But when planning a wedding, always have a contingency plan. Having an indoor wedding will instantly solve that problem, yet outdoor weddings are often nicer and more beautiful.

If weather problems become an issue at the middle of the wedding, this can be easily solved by cutting down the ceremony to the most important parts and relocating indoors. The makeup artists could easily retouch on the bride’s makeup while the catering services team and your wedding coordinator could handle the venue changes with ease.

Shameful Speech

Sometimes there are people who just don’t know how to make a speech. Make sure to instruct the DJ or host to make sure this is prevented by muting the microphone and playing some music to end the speech. It might be a little rude to the one making the speech but the spotlight should really be on the couple.

The Bride or Groom Gets Sick

No one wants this to ever happen on their wedding, but if it does, safety should always come first! Rush the sick person the ER – even in full wedding attire and even if the ceremony is about to start! The wedding could wait a few hours, because a person’s life is really more important.

The wedding could be rescheduled but a life lost could never be replaced again…