Wedding with a Twist? Photos of Unique Wedding Photoshoot Go Viral

What makes a great wedding? Well, there are lots of factors that make a wedding great – but to make it memorable, sometimes you have to use your imagination…

In the wedding of Lomel Taghoy and Khirly Cane, the photos are rather unique because they had a unique photoshoot. Instead of the usual photos for the bride and groom, the couple exchanged roles.

While in most weddings the bride and her bridesmaids wear matching bathrobes, this wedding photoshoot got the groom and his groomsmen wearing the bathrobes and posing in sweet, girl poses. Meanwhile, the bride and her bridesmaids wore t-shirts and matching plaid shorts while posing as the guys. Now, isn’t that a cool idea?

You can easily determine who’s the bride and who’s the groom in the pictures because they stand at the middle and had slightly different outfits than the others, but the unique concept really caught netizens’ attention.

The bride and her bridesmaids still look gorgeous in their simple makeup and not-so-girly clothes. We can’t wait to see them in their final outfits for the wedding.

Photos of the unique wedding were shared by Jacky Tecson Acebes from Cebu Weddings & Events Planner. The unique pictures were taken by photographer Glenn Jubs – and you can just imagine the fun they all had while doing the photoshoot.

Of course, this is definitely a huge challenge for the planning team to pull off, plus the entire wedding party also had the challenge to look the part of the roles they play. But it was clear that everyone was so excited to do the part and they enjoyed everything!

Netizens loved the concept, saying that it is refreshing to see the guys doing the girl parts and the girl doing the guy parts in the photoshoot. What do you think of their pictures?

Best Locations for Photoshoots

To take the best photos for the wedding, all you need really is a great photographer. The best photographers can make ordinary locations look great in the photos! But the best locations are still those that look awesome without the photographer needing to do a lot of edits or have a difficult time in taking the pictures.

Some of the best locations for the wedding photoshoot are:

  • Church
  • Garden
  • Beach, especially during sunset
  • Tourist spots