13 Grand Wedding Cakes for a Reception No One Will Forget

Everyone knows that the bride is the star of the wedding. That’s why you should never try to upstage the bride by wearing something that resembles a wedding gown to a wedding!

But during the reception, the wedding cake takes centerstage and could, perhaps, ‘compete’ a little bit with the bride for everyone’s attention. As the star of the reception, the wedding cake should be the gorgeous focal point at the wedding.

Here are some photos of grand wedding cakes that you can also have for your wedding…

Rustic Cake

Photo credit: Luckybird Bakery

This vintage-inspired cake by Amy Berger of Luckybird Bakery in Brooklyn, New York is a beautiful piece of art.

Painted Cake

Photo credit: Blushing Cook

Instead of using real or fondant flowers, Sammi-Jo Gascoyne of Blushing Cook painted this cake with beautiful flowers – and made it look awesome!

Simple Yet Elegant

Photo credit: Ballerina Baker

It’s hard to tell whether this cake by Jordan Fry of Ballerina Baker makes use of real flowers or realistic fondant ones.

Flower Garden

Photo credit: Pete’s Sweets

Peter Gray of Pete’s Sweets created this beautiful flower garden that would easily fit with any wedding theme.

Hand-painted Cake

Photo credit: Winifred Kristé Cake

The handmade sugar flowers are complemented by artful brushstrokes in this cake made by Winifred Kristé Cake based in Singapore.

Butterfly Dream

Photo credit: Tuck Box Cakes

Chris Murphy of Tuck Box Cakes in London created this stunning masterpiece.

Shiny and Sweet

Photo credit: Sugar Cloud Baking Company

Sugar Cloud Baking Company created this airbrushed cake that makes it shimmer under the light.

Handcrafted Kisses and Cream

Photo credit:  The Buttercream Bakery

The Buttercream Bakery of Kat Logan in Sydney, Australia created this yummylicious cake that’s also a piece of art.

Classic Beauty

Photo credit: Ana Parzych Cakes

A timeless classic that would make a great focal point at any wedding reception, this masterpiece by Ana Parzych of Ana Parzych Cakes based in Cheshire, Connecticut would also be great for your wedding.

Gorgeous Drip Cake

Photo credit: Cupcakes! by Julie

The simplicity and elegance of this cake by Julie McRae of Cupcakes! by Julie is a delight to display on your wedding day.

Luxurious Metal Cake

Photo credit: The Whimsical Cakery

Leanne Kelly of The Whimsical Cakery created this masterpiece – and you could pick the colors to match the motif on your wedding day.

Whimsical Cake

Photo credit:  Autumn Nomad

It looks like something straight from the fairytales, with Jaime Melfi of Autumn Nomad creating this one-of-a-kind beauty that could easily compete with the bride for beauty.

Intricate Details

Photo credit: Cynzcakes

The delicate details of this cake by Cynthia Irani of Cynzcakes in Montreal, Quebec make it an art unto itself. You’d surely love to have this for your wedding.

So, which one do you like best?