Best Wishes – What to Write in a Wedding Card?

You shopped for the best wedding gift and found a gorgeous wedding card to go it with it. As you gripped your pen and started to write a message you freeze, and your mind went blank. As there is so much thought, you want to express, your train of thoughts just left you, and now you are speechless.

Or perhaps, you know what you want to write but does not know if it is appropriate or not?

Fret no more, as this article will guide you on what exactly to write in a wedding card.

Wedding Card Writing 101

wedding greeting

Wedding wishes are good, but it is even better if it is written. The bride and the groom can keep the card along with some other wedding keepsakes, and they can go back to it every once in a while or if they feel like doing so. They will remember how you have been happy and excited about their wedding and their marriage. Even if you cannot make it to their wedding, you can always still send your wedding wishes to the bride and the groom by sending a card through the mail.


There are wedding cards available in the market which comes with a pre-printed message. The message may be poetic, beautiful, and lovely to read but could never be more meaningful than the one customized for the future married couple. Besides, your crafted message will never have a duplicate, and the couple will appreciate reading the thoughts from your heart and written by your hands.

Does not know where and how to start?

Here are some tips that you can use as a guide in writing your message on a wedding card. It is not necessary to follow the same order, make sure not to forget anything.


  • Congratulate the couple on their wedding. It might sound cliché, but no one knows what the couple has been through before reaching this milestone in their lives.
  • Thank the couple for inviting you to witness this most significant day of their lives and celebrate with them. The couple might have a more than a hundred persons in mind to invite, but you are among the few persons they chose to become a part of the wedding. Isn’t that sweet? This message of gratitude may be expressed more casually or formally. Just pick which type you are more comfortable with.
  • Welcome the couple into the family. If the bride or the groom is a relative, do not forget to welcome his or her partner to the family. There is no better way of showing your support to your relative than by making the love of his or her life feeling that he or she is gladly received and taken in as a new family member.
  • You are free to decide whether you want your message to be formal, casual, funny, or sentimental for as long as you genuinely mean what you said and you wrote it mainly for the couple.
  • If the couple is on the religious side, you may include a religious quote or scripture in your wedding card. However, it is vital that you are sure of the couple’s religious beliefs and practices so can also be sure that the quote or scripture you are mentioning applies to them.
  • On the other hand, giving a religious message to a couple who is not really into it may only make them feel uncomfortable.

best wishes

A message for a life of togetherness

A wedding is the first step towards a good union and marriage. It is essential that you show your support to the couple by giving them your heartfelt message. If you are not that close to the couple, you may congratulate them and give them best wishes for their life together ahead.

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