Bride Receives Php1 Million Surprise Cash Gift from Groom

In weddings, the groom and bride often spend a lot of money. Because it is an event for them both and they get so many gifts as a couple, giving gifts to one another is something that is often overlooked or simply thought to be no longer necessary. After all, many believe that the marriage itself and being with each other is gift enough for them.

While there’s nothing wrong with that, of course, it is still nice to get a gift from your new spouse, right? And while you are still thinking of what gift to give your future spouse on your wedding day, there’s this bride who was pictured grinning from ear to ear after her groom surprised her with what could be one of the best wedding gifts ever – Php1 million in cash! Wow.

On its Facebook page, wedding photographer Team Benitez Photo shared a photo of one laughing bride as she received the cash gift from her groom.

Now that’s a surprise wedding gift!!! Php1,000,000 cash!!! “Sana all” comments in 3, 2, 1, go! Hahaha,” the page joked after sharing the photo of the still unnamed bride.

Indeed, thousands of netizens commented on the post with the expected “sana all” wish. It brought lots of jokes and comments from netizens, most of whom wished they could also get that much gift.

Sana all mkasuot ng wedding dress hahaha. Tas may wedding gift…” one female netizen wrote.

Sana all may budget sa kasal 1,000,000 is too much for perfect wedding and small business. Sana all sana all sana all,” another commented.

Others were more serious, saying that you don’t have to have a lot of money, even a million pesos to be happy.

We can still make our bride smile like this even without a single peso in their hands. LOVE, HONESTY, & LOYALTY is priceless and cheap,” one guy commented.

In comments like this one, netizens agreed but also commented that getting a million pesos as gift is certainly amazing, too!

Gift Ideas from Groom to Bride

If you don’t have a million pesos to give your bride, don’t worry because not everyone can actually do that. But here are some gift ideas to give your significant other on your wedding day:

  • Jewelry to match her outfit
  • Handwritten card with a sweet message
  • Perfume
  • Creative and personalized artwork
  • Jewelry box for her collection