Megan Young Marries Mikael Daez After 9 Years of Being a Couple

After 9 years of being together as a couple, Miss World 2013 titleholder Megan Young and actor Mikael Daez finally tied the knot in what appears to be a low-key Church ceremony.

The two announced their wedding in photos they both shared on their individual Instagram accounts. Known for being active on their social media accounts, the couple surprised everyone with the wedding. However, a lot of their fans have long expected them to tie the knot – and the two have actually been rumored to have gotten married many times in the past few years.

Photo credit: My Metro Photo

Megan jokingly captioned her Instagram photos with, “Megan Young-Daez & Mikael Daez-Young” while Mikael also joked that he would now have to get used to his new family name, Daez-Young.

And while the couple only posted their wedding photos on January 25, Saturday, Metro revealed that the two had actually tied the knot last January 10 in a low-key ceremony attended by just a little over 10 guests in Calaruega! Wow.

There was no fanfare, no media to cover the big event, no famous celebrities, no grand fanfare – it’s just them, the priest of Megan’s choosing that she felt knew their love story the best, and a handful of close family and friends.

But the super-secret wedding actually suited the couple. After all, not too many people knew that they had actually been engaged since 2014 – and they had actually managed to keep their relationship a secret for many, many years!

How They Met

The celebrity couple met in an event that Megan hosted back in 2010 wherein Mikael was a model. They were unknowingly brought together by celebrity stylist Adrianne Concepcion, Megan’s best friend. While waiting for their turn backstage, Mikael saw that Megan appears to be shivering from the cold; so, he offered her his jacket.

We were huddled up inside because we were all cold. I saw her—s’yempre chicks and I was single—so I was like, ‘You want my jacket?’” Mikael told Metro.

But Megan was actually in a relationship at the time and treated the encounter merely as a friendly meeting; though they talked a lot that night. They met again a month later when Megan was single again, but their relationship didn’t take off right then and there.

About a month after I met him, I was single by this time, Adrianne says to come out and enjoy singlehood. So we go out—lo and behold, Mik was there—and I did find him cute. So we talked. We talked and talked and talked the whole night and we ended up closing the bar that night,” she shared.

According to Megan, they went to many parties together, but there’s this particular party that she got really angry at her date.

A bunch of people kept texting him that night and I was like, ‘What is up with this dude? Why does he keep texting?’” she recalled.

Angry, she decided to get back at him by also scrolling through her social media account, only for her to discover that it was actually his birthday – and she was attending his party without any gift at all! But Mikael didn’t want any gift from her but her love.

They officially became a couple on Mikael’s birthday, January 6. Quite amazingly, it was exactly 100 days after they first met.

Congratulations, Megan and Mikael!