Groom Shares ‘Sweet’ Moment with Bridesmaid in Photoshoot, Wedding Blooper Goes Viral

In weddings, there really are times when there are unexpected moments that turn out to be hilarious – and many of these wedding bloopers have been caught on camera. Some even make it to the internet, mortifying the poor folks who unexpectedly went viral for the hilarious moment.

Photographer Aldrin Mat Acero Salazar recently shared the video of a funny wedding blooper that quickly went viral.

Photo credit: Aldrin Mat Acero Salazar / Facebook

In this video, the photographer could be heard shouting instructions to the group of bridesmaids and groomsmen having their photo taken with the bride and groom at the altar. It was clear that at this point, the wedding was already finished and everyone was getting ready for the traditional photoshoot with the newlyweds.

Photo credit: Aldrin Mat Acero Salazar / Facebook

Behind the camera, the videographer/photographer could be heard shouting instructions to the group.

Closer!” the guy could be heard saying.

The group moved to converge closer to the couple.

Photo credit: Aldrin Mat Acero Salazar / Facebook

Dikit dikit na yung pisngi!” the photographer added.

It was actually the bride who first moved to touch cheeks with bridesmaid to her right. But the groom got a bit confused and also touched cheeks with the bridesmaid to his left as the bride belatedly threw her hand out to grasp his arm.

Photo credit: Aldrin Mat Acero Salazar / Facebook

But it was too late. The ‘sweet’ moment between the groom and the bridesmaid was caught on camera and got everyone laughing. The groom pulled away from the bridesmaid and showed off his wedding ring to the crowd as one of the groomsmen held his head and made him go cheek to cheek with his bride. LOL.

Yung nalimutan mong katabi mo ang asawa mo…” Salazar jokingly captioned the video he shared on Facebook.

Photo credit: Aldrin Mat Acero Salazar / Facebook

Netizens also had a good laugh at the moment. Many joked that if they were the bride, they’d file for annulment right there and then! LOL.

Here’s the funny video:

Opsss Mali ata napakasalan mo par

hehe medyo mali ata… buti narealized nya agad to aldrin salazar

Posted by Caught on Cam PH on Monday, October 7, 2019

Difference Between Divorce and Annulment

The primary difference between the two is that divorce ends a legally valid marriage while annulment declares the wedding to be legally invalid right from the start.

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