Planning a Home Wedding? Here’s How to Prepare the Place for Your Guests

You don’t actually have to spend a lot of money on the venue for your wedding, if you can have the reception at home! In many places, this is still the norm – and your guests wouldn’t really mind attending a home wedding.

But you should also make sure that your home is ready for that wedding. You can still have that low-key wedding of your dreams at home, with these important things to consider:

Make Important Home Repairs

You don’t have to have a mansion to host a home wedding, but you also don’t want to endanger your guests’ lives if there are things that actually need to be repaired at home. Get a carpenter to make sure the place is safe – and you might want to cut those tree branches that have long been in danger of falling when a really strong wind blows!

You don’t have to upgrade everything, don’t worry, but just make sure that the broken things in the house is fixed before the big day. A coat of paint might also be needed in some places…

Spruce Up the Landscape

Your guests would certainly love to take great photos in your yard – and that you can achieve by sprucing up the landscape. You can invest in some plants that would make the place look better without breaking the bank.

A landscaping professional could definitely help make your place look gorgeous. But make sure to hire an electrician if you plan on installing outdoor bulbs and other lights to make the place beautiful at night.

Bathrooms are Very Important

While you might be focused on the landscape and making everything pretty, think about bathrooms, too! How many people would be attending the wedding? It would be a nightmare if there’s only one bathroom – and you had forgotten to get the leak fixed or this toilet often clogs up.

You might try renting some portable toilets, if such is available in your area. Place these in a discreet spot; make sure these won’t often be included at the background of your guests’ photos.

Hire Cleaning Services

Honestly, you would be so busy with your wedding that you can’t get everything cleaned up before and after the event, on your own! It is best to hire cleaning services to do all that stuff for you.

Rent a Backup Generator

The bonus points of doing the wedding at some resort is that they have their own backup power in case of emergencies. But don’t worry because you can also save yourself from inconvenience by renting a backup generator. Don’t worry if you wouldn’t be able to use it because the electricity was stable.

Having a backup generator is also a good idea so you won’t overload your circuits at home, just in case you do have a lot of additional lights and electrical appliances used for the big day.