What It Takes to Be a Wedding Planner

Finding the perfect wedding planner is not easy—probably, next to finding the ideal mate. It takes an efficient wedding planner to make the occasion a moment to remember, both for the couple and the guests. She will become a best friend, a sister, a confidante, an advisor, a manager for the couple during the entire wedding preparation phase. Whether you are looking for a wedding planner or planning to be one yourself, here are the qualities that a wedding planner should have.

A good wedding communicates effectively

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To bring to life the vision of the couple for their wedding day, the wedding planner must have a clear picture of what they want. For her to do that, the planner must be able to ask the right questions and must have the ability to conclusively tell the couple what could be and could not be done. Aside from the couple and their family, the wedding planner also coordinates with different vendors. During the entire preparation process, there are lots of ‘talking’ and ‘listening’ to be done, so it is essential that the person coordinating the wedding is armed with strong and effective communication skills.

When necessary, the wedding planner should also be able to guide the preparation of vows, speeches, and other messages which are needed during the occasion.

A good wedding planner is creative

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Brides often have a clear vision of how she wants her wedding to look like. However, the budget and other limitations might be the reason why such an idea is not possible. The role, now, of the wedding planner is to think out-of-the-box—how to bring to life that vision even with such restrictions. Though there will service providers, it is the creativity of the wedding planner which will make everything fit together seamlessly.

Problems will pop up here and there, but the creativity of the wedding planner will save the day.

A good wedding planner is organized

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With a flurry of stuff to take care of, it is not impossible for the bride and the groom to lose it, even in the middle of the preparations. Some couple also calls off the wedding just because they cannot handle the stress and the pressure of the preparations. As a wedding planner must be able to take that stress and strain off the shoulders of the couple and make the entire process enjoyable for them. She must be able to create a system so everything will fall into their right places. A planner who has skills at utilizing charts and timelines is at an advantage, as these tools are helpful when it comes to time management.

A good wedding planner is a troubleshooter

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When a problem arises, even the couple themselves may not know what to do. This is where a wedding planner’s professional skills will come in. With her knowledge and experience should be able to help her solve a problem. Furthermore, she should be able to make decisions on her own, without the need to consult the bride or the groom.

A good wedding planner is budget-savvy

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A good planner knows how to work around a budget and stick to it while making sure that the couple will have what they want. With a network of vendors she has worked with in the past, she must be able to present a wedding package that will not only fit the couple’s budget but will meet their requirements. She should also make sure that the couple will also stay on track and will not blow up their budget just because the bride fell in love with particular linen or the mother of the groom wants to add 50 more seats for her additional guests