Bride Sneaks Away from Family to Take Surprise Photos with 102-Year-Old Nana in Hospice

They live thousands of miles away apart but when one bride learned that her 102-year-old Nana was put in hospice and might be in her last weeks, she sneaked away from her family to take sweet photos with the old lady! It was a good decision on her part because they lost the old woman just 3 weeks later…

Nana’s Last Wish

Tara Bars shared that when her Nana, 102 years old, was put in hospice, the nurse asked what her goals are. It was really short of asking what her last wish might be, but the polite woman simply asked for goals. Content with how she had lived her life, her Nana did not have any other goal left except to attend her wedding.

But doing so would entail a plane ride, something that the frail old lady won’t be able to do.

They reluctantly told her they didn’t want her flying anymore (she was nearly 103 years old) and her heart was failing. I knew in my heart she was trying to hang on to get there somehow. I decided to fly to her with my wedding dress, it was unaltered and didn’t fit yet but none of that mattered. I may have lied to my entire family about where I was that weekend, and I didn’t tell my friends so I could surprise everyone with these photos,” Tara shared.

Beautiful Last Moments

While she kept everything a secret to everyone, the resulting photos were so sweet and beautiful that it was all worth the surprise. And though she won’t be able to witness the wedding, this sweet Nana was simply so happy to see Tara in her wedding dress.

Words cannot explain how much these moments mean to me and I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life. Her smile and her laugh are forever etched in my mind and the love between us will live in my heart. This was one of the greatest days of my life. When I said goodbye to her that night, I think we both knew it would be the last time we would see each other. She grabbed my cheeks with her hands, looked me straight in the eye and said, ‘I love you very much,’” Tara narrated.

When they lost her some 27 days later, Tara was sad but also happy that she was able to enjoy those beautiful last moments with her as a lasting memory.

Altering a Wedding Dress

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