Groom Surprises Bride with Php1 Million Savings as Gift for Wedding Day

A groom surprises bride with Php1 million savings as his gift for their wedding day – and netizens are collectively saying “sana all” to the sweet and really generous gesture.

Groom Surprises Bride with Php1-Million Wedding Day Gift

It is not uncommon in the Philippines for a newlywed couple to be deep in debt after throwing a huge party for their dream wedding. After all, the goal is to get married only once in your lifetime – so, why not make it the best party of your life, right?

With wedding costs going as high as Php1 million or more for the grandest weddings, it’s not surprising why so many newlyweds are having money troubles at the start of their marriage.

groom surprises bride

Photo credit: Paola Bernardo Garcia

But not all new couples feel that way. There are also many who are practical, choosing instead to use the majority of their savings to start their new life by building a house or saving for their future.

Bride Paola Bernardo Garcia recently went viral after receiving an incredible Php1-million gift from her groom as savings for their future.

Photo credit: Paola Bernardo Garcia

Photo credit: Paola Bernardo Garcia

During their wedding day, Paola’s groom Ploy Thadeus Garcia gifted her with a necklace and two passbooks with money amounting to Php1 million.

Oh my God, pera nga! One million ‘yan. Wow! San galing ‘yun? Ang dami ko nang pera!” the surprised bride exclaimed.

For his part, Ploy explained that he wanted to be practical. That’s why he and Paola chose a low-key wedding with 30 guests, spending only Php300,000 instead of the money they saved up.

Kasi sa panahon ngayon, dapat maging praktikal tayo. ‘Yung mga blessing na natatanggap natin, dapat ginagamit natin ng tama. Kasi syempre pag sinasabing kasal nandun ‘yung gastos kaya from the start pa lang nagusap na kami na dapat ‘yung budget ganito lang tapos di natin kailagan magpakasal ng bongga,” the groom explained.

Hindi natin kailangan i-please ‘yung ibang tao. Hindi mo kailangan magpabongga ng kasal. Mag-show up. Mas importante, galing tayo sa pandemic, mas OK na maging matalino tayo sa paggastos.

groom surprises bride

Photo credit: Paola Bernardo Garcia

But Paola didn’t expect that he would add to their savings, making it Php1 million to gift her on their wedding day.

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