Shy Bride Refuses to Kiss Groom, Video Draws Mixed Reactions

Marriage vows are supposed to be “sealed with a kiss” at the ceremony, but one bride refuses to kiss the groom – and the video taken at their wedding draw mixed reactions from netizens.

Shy Bride Refuses to Kiss Groom

Weddings can be fun events, but it can also be rife with bloopers and hilarious moments. For example, a guy recently went viral for momentarily forgetting that he’s the groom at the wedding! LOL

But another video has gone viral, this time because of the bride’s actions.

bride refuses to kiss groom

Photo credit: DODZ TOUR TA

Shared by Jessie Lamsin and Dodz Tour Ta, a bride named Wena can be seen repeatedly trying to stop her groom, Victor, from giving her a kiss.

Even if it was the priest who told them to kiss, the bride simply didn’t want her groom to kiss her in public. Everyone knows that the kiss is a part of the wedding ceremony, but the bride just couldn’t allow herself to get kissed.

Photo credit: DODZ TOUR TA

Photo credit: DODZ TOUR TA

No matter how many times the priest told them to kiss, she refused. After a few minutes of coaxing, the priest ended the ceremony without waiting for the ritual kiss.

But did the groom finally get his kiss?

Photo credit: DODZ TOUR TA

Well, it finally happened when the “ninongs” had their turn in taking a picture with the bride and groom. One of the ninongs finally managed to coax the bride into letting her groom have that kiss. Although it was a very short smack, everyone cheered as it finally happened.

Sa wakas!” some shouted.

Photo credit: DODZ TOUR TA

Photo credit: DODZ TOUR TA

But netizens weren’t so happy about the now viral video. Many were furious at the bride for being “OA” and other took pity on the groom.

Yet there were also those who pointed out that the bride appears to be shy and that she probably doesn’t like all the attention and possibly her first kiss to be in public.

What do you think? Check out this video:

Alternatives to “Kiss the Bride”

With many gay marriages happening these days, “kiss the bride” has become outdated for some people. Here are alternative for this phrase:

Let’s clap for the start of your marriage.

You may now kiss your life partner.

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